Chatham Islands location

Visiting the Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands lie 750km east of New Zealand’s South Island.

Choose from Hotel, Motel, Lodge, Bed and Breakfast or Backpacker accommodation – see for details.

Getting there
Air Chathams fly to the Chatham Islands four to six times a week depending on the time of year, departing from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Napier.  Air Chathams also run a Cessna 206 service between Chatham and Pitt Island.  Contact to organise a flight, or talk to Flowerpot Adventures about a day trip tour of Pitt Island

Pukekohe Travel run 8-day trips to the Chatham Islands over the summer months as do .  These tours provide a great way to explore much of what the Chatham Islands have to offer.

Getting your stuff there
If you don’t travel lightly, Black Robin Freighters and 44 South Shipping bpth offer regular cargo services departing the Ports of Timaru and Napier.

While the Chathams do have a number of weeds and pests, they do not have as wide a range as that established on the NZ mainland. Please help make sure it stays that way by not bringing any new organisms to the Chathams and by cleaning any clothing or equipment likely to contain seeds, insects etc (boots, jacket pockets …).

Visiting the Chatham Islands since 1996, Dave works for the Department of Conservation providing advice on the management of threatened species.