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Hooker's spleenwort ([i]Asplenium hookerianum[/i]) plants growing amongst hoho ([i]Pseudopanax chathamicus[/i]) root plate with two other ferns - maidenhair fern ([i]Adiantum cunninghamii[/i]) and [i]Rumohra adiantiformis[/i] - Waipaua Stream - Rangiauria (Pitt Island). The plants in this image represents both the finely divided frond race sometimes known as Colenso's spleenwort (A. colensoi or A. hookerianum var. colensoi) and the more common less divided frond race of Hooker's spleenwort (A. hookerianum or A. hookerianum var. hookerianum). Image: P. J. de Lange

Little fern provides cryptic proof of ongoing New Zealand to Chatham Islands plant dispersal

Hooker’s spleenwort (Asplenium hookerianum) is not a particularly common fern on the Chatham Islands.  By far the largest population the Department of Conservation knows about is one that was discovered in November 2008 along the banks of the Waipaua Stream, Pitt Island. Hooker’s spleenwort looks superficially like a smaller version […]