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Consultation Findings on the Chatham Islands – Wharf Facilities Study

The consultants working for the Chatham Island Enterprise Trust, Chatham Islands Council and the Department of Internal Affairs for the Chatham Islands- Wharf Facilities Study received a fantastic turnout for meetings and corresponding response forms on the project. The project team received the majority of feedback while on the Islands […]

Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust

2011/12 Strategic Plan released

This strategic plan presents the five year strategic intent of the Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust (“the Trust”) and its group of trading companies. The structure of this document is a strategic vision and program summary followed by a brief strategic program for each trading company.

Detailed company strategic plans and business plans have been developed in accordance with this plan. A standard strategic plan would consider an in depth analysis of the history of the Trust, a Political, Economic, Social and Technology analysis (“PEST”). This strategic plan does not attempt to undertake a current positional analysis but refers readers to various expert reports that have analysed the Island situation and also the position of the Trust on the Island.