Strategic Review of Shipping Options

Please find enclosed a copy of our Strategic Review of Shipping Options for the Chatham Islands.

This comprehensive paper has been produced following on from last year’s public meeting at the Den in September.

The above meeting was called to start discussions on “what next after Southern Tiare

The CISL Board presented current information on our vessel and proposed a range of options, the preferred option being to explore a new build vessel. The community asked, “If all other options had been explored” and essentially sought more information on the available options.

From this, CISL has commissioned Grant Thornton to independently undertake this review, possibly one of the most comprehensive on shipping to date. The document has had input from a number of industry experts, ship brokers and technical advisors. The report itself makes no recommendations.

The first section summarizes previous reports completed in regard to shipping, outlining those conclusions and recommendations. The middle section outlines the current situation around our vessel, the service, CISL and CIET involvement. The last section scopes out a range of options that have been floated discussed or identified over the years.

The five options presented range from exiting from shipping altogether, to building a new purpose built vessel, and identifies some of the pros and cons of each of those options. There may well be other options to explore.

The fact remains that Southern Tiare will need to be replaced within 3-5 years.  Depending on the community decision, the preferred option could take that amount of time to materialize. Hence the need to move forward with this discussion and ultimate community decision. At the end of the document there is a recommendation from CISL on its preferred option and reasoning for this.

A Public Meeting will be held at the Den at 7.00pm on Tuesday 30th May to discuss the review, to answer questions and to narrow the options down to two for further investigation and discussion.

This is a major decision for the people of the Islands. We encourage as many members of the community to attend as possible. Attendees can decide how they wish to proceed from that point. It is expected that there will be a second round of public meetings followed by a referendum.

We look forward to hearing your views and questions and to a united resolution on the preferred way forward to protect the communities’ interests’ long term.

Brent Mallinson