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Is there a Post Office, Bank or ATM on the Chathams?

Essential services: Post Office, Bank and Fish and Chip shop
Essential services: Post Office, Bank and Fish and Chip shop

There is a ANZ bank and Post Office in Waitangi and an ATM at Hotel Chatham.  EFTPOS can be used at the stores, hotel and garage and cafe’s.

Emergency services and doctor

There are volunteer ambulance and fire services on the island which are complemented by a small hospital and if necessary, air ambulance to the mainland.

There is a doctor on the island but travellers should bring any medication they might require as supplies on the island are limited.

The local emergency number is 3050 111

How’s the cellphone and wi-fi coverage?

There is no cellphone coverage on the Chatham Islands. Limited wi-fi is available from some accommodation providers and at the airport. All internet access is via a satellite connection so data limits apply.

What about creey-crawlies and other nasties?

Rangatira spider. Image: Dave Houston
Rangatira spider. Image: Dave Houston

There are a few spiders on the Chathams, but all are harmless.  The largest  is (fortunately) restricted to offshore islands and is thus unable to frighten most visitors to the Chathams.

Neither sandflys or mosquitoes are a problem on the Chathams and wasps are absent.  There are small numbers of honey bees on both Chatham and Pitt islands.

Public transport

There are no taxis or public transport on the Chatham Islands. Check with your accommodation provider re transfers to and from the airport. Rental cars are available but must be booked in advance.

What’s the weather like?

While forecasts for the Chatham Islands often use pseudonyms for “showers” (rain at times, fine periods, occasional rain etc), rainfall in the Chatham Islands is only around 800 mm annually, with the winter months being wetter than summer. Rainfall is often brief showers as there are no mountains for cloud masses to press against, although the elevated southern end of the island does attract more rain that the north.

Temperatures are moderated by the surrounding ocean, with a mean range between the high of 14 deg C in February and 8 in July.  Wind and rapid weather changes are a feature of the Chathams, so never leave home without your jacket!


What’s the time in the Chatham Islands?

The Chatham Islands are 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand Standard Time, which makes them GMT +12:45.  The Chatham Islands also observe the same daylight saving dates as New Zealand, making them GMT +13:45 over summer months.

Sunrise and set times for both sun and moon at the Chatham Islands can be found on date and