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Chatham Islands location

Visiting the Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands lie 750km east of New Zealand’s South Island. AccommodationChoose from Hotel, Motel, Lodge, Bed and Breakfast or Backpacker accommodation – see www.discoverthechathamislands.co.nz for details. Getting thereAir Chathams fly to the Chatham Islands four to six times a week depending on the time of year, departing from Auckland, […]

Chatham Islands

Rekohu – Chatham Islands – Wharekauri

750km to the east of New Zealand’s South Island lie the Chatham Islands, home to New Zealand’s most remote communities.  Around 600 people live on two of the 11 islands that make up ‘the Chathams’, with incomes largely reliant on farming, fishing, conservation and tourism.  The Chatham Islands community is […]