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Articles by various authors on the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Chatham Islands and the ongoing efforts to conserve it.  If you’d like to contribute an article contact

Lecanora kohu

Lecanora kohu – new locations and a review of its Conservation Status

The type of Lecanora kohu Printzen, Fryday, Blanchon et de Lange (Lecanoraceae) was collected on the 28 July 2015 from Hokorereoro / Rangatira / South East Island (hereafter Hokorereoro), a 249 ha Nature Reserve, situated 2 km south-east of Rangihaute / Rangiauria / Pitt Island (hereafter Rangihaute), Chatham Islands (Printzen […]

Caloplaca maculata west of Cape Young Rekohu

New Chatham Islands locations for the lichen Caloplaca maculata

Caloplaca maculata (Teloschistaceae) is a saxicolous lichen that was described as a new species from rocks near Ellice Point, Rēkohu / Wharekauri / Chatham Islands (Galloway 2004). At the time of its description it was cautiously suggested that it might be endemic to the Chatham Islands. Then, in 2012 Allison […]

CI Conservation Board Meeting – 27th August 2020

The Chatham Island Conservation Board met for their August 2020 meeting at the Kaingāroa, Playgroup, buildings. Attending the meeting were Board members Judy Kamo (Chair), Susan Thorpe, Mana Cracknell, Amanda Seymour, Di Gregory-Hunt (by phone), and Trescia Lawson. Representing the Department of Conservation was Tryphena Cracknell Operations Manager. Also, in […]