Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust

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The Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust was established to promote the economic development and well-being of the Chatham Islands. The
Trust owns and operates the island’s infrastructure companies.

Key industries on the Chatham Islands are farming, fishing and tourism, with a particular emphasis on eco-tourism. Chatham Island Enterprise Trust owns and operates the island’s infrastructure companies.

The trust’s activities are guided by a philosophy formulated in 2002 and refreshed in 2008.

Key Information
Organisational Structure
Strategic plan
Trust Deed (pdf)
Guiding Philosophy
Financial Statements and Audit Reports

Our Companies
Chatham Islands Airport Ltd
Chatham Islands Electricity Ltd
Chatham Islands Asset Holdings Ltd
Chatham Islands Port Ltd
Chatham Islands Management Ltd
Chatham Islands Quota Holdings Ltd
Chatham Islands Shipping Ltd

Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust
773 Owenga Road, P.O. Box 65, Chatham Islands 8942, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 3050 066 Fax: +64 3 3050 248 Email:

Consultation Findings on the Chatham Islands – Wharf Facilities Study

The consultants working for the Chatham Island Enterprise Trust, Chatham Islands Council and the Department of Internal Affairs for the Chatham Islands- Wharf Facilities Study received a fantastic turnout for meetings and corresponding response forms on the project. The project team received the majority of feedback while on the Islands […]