Pōhue (Muehlenbeckia) vine land

CI Conservation Board Meeting – River Onion, 9 May 2022

After a long period of exile for the board chair caused by the ongoing Pandemic the Chatham Island Board finally all met in person rather than virtually, at the River Onion. Prior to this meeting, the last ‘full house’ meeting had been at Kōpinga Marae in early August 2021. The […]

Poor Knights Spleenwort on the Chatham Islands

Asplenium is a diverse, almost cosmopolitan genus of ferns with c.700 species (PPG 1 2016). Within New Zealand there are at least 21 species, of which 10 are endemic (Brownsey & Perrie (2018). One of the more unusual of our Asplenium species is the Poor Knights spleenwort, A. pauperequitum. That […]

Lecanora kohu

Lecanora kohu – new locations and a review of its Conservation Status

The type of Lecanora kohu Printzen, Fryday, Blanchon et de Lange (Lecanoraceae) was collected on the 28 July 2015 from Hokorereoro / Rangatira / South East Island (hereafter Hokorereoro), a 249 ha Nature Reserve, situated 2 km south-east of Rangihaute / Rangiauria / Pitt Island (hereafter Rangihaute), Chatham Islands (Printzen […]

CI Conservation Board Meeting – 25 June 2021 – Te One

The June 25 Chatham Island Conservation Board Meeting was probably the longest the board has had in several years. Starting at 9.30 am, with a one hour lunch break, the board pushed on until 5.35 pm there were so many topics and issues to deal with. In attendance were Chair […]

New locations for embergeria rust on the Chatham Islands

Embergeria or Chatham Islands sow thistle (Sonchus grandifolius) is the largest indigenous representative of the sow thistles in the New Zealand archipelago. The species is endemic to the Chatham Islands, where it is known from all of the larger vegetated islands except the Motchu Har / Forty-fours, Rakitchu / Rangitutahi […]

So where did kopi come from?

It is widely accepted that kopi (Corynocarpus laevigatus) is not native to the Chatham Islands but was brought to the islands by the ancestors of the Moriori to provide a food source. Since then kopi has become a spiritually significant tree, and in some respects almost as much of a […]

CI Conservation Board Meeting – 21st April 2021 – to Taia and beyond

The April 2021 meeting of the Chatham Island Conservation Board included a welcome field inspection of the Taia Peninsula, probably one of the less accessible areas on Rekohu / Wharekauri / Chatham Island. The board were keen to see and hear about the management of this area, which is a […]

Caloplaca maculata west of Cape Young Rekohu

New Chatham Islands locations for the lichen Caloplaca maculata

Caloplaca maculata (Teloschistaceae) is a saxicolous lichen that was described as a new species from rocks near Ellice Point, Rēkohu / Wharekauri / Chatham Islands (Galloway 2004). At the time of its description it was cautiously suggested that it might be endemic to the Chatham Islands. Then, in 2012 Allison […]

CI Conservation Board Meeting – 10th Feb 2021

Chatham Island Conservation Board Meeting Rangihaute / Rangiauria / Pitt Island, 10 February 2021 Mana Cracknell, Peter de Lange, and Department of Conservation (DOC) staff boarded the Acheron at Owenga for a moderately lumpy journey to Rangihaute / Rangiauria / Pitt Island. Prior to holding the board meeting at Flowerpot […]