Wandering albatross nesting in South Chathams?

Wandering albatross chick preparing for flightWandering albatross chick preparing for flightIn late January DOC staff were called to tend to a young albatross fledging found by the Camerons in a paddock on their property at Point Durham, South Chathams. They confirmed the identity of the bird as an Antipodean wandering albatross and relocated it to a nearby hill where the breeze would make for an easier take off. Returning to the site an hour later with gear to band the bird for future identification, it was found that the young fledging had already headed out to sea.

Whilst it is possible that the bird had come from the Antipodes (650 km southwest of the Chatham Islands), the most likely scenario is that it came from a nest site in Southern Chathams that we are unaware of.

The last known albatross to nest in Southern Chathams was a male Antipodean wandering albatross, found on the Seymour's property at Otawe in 2004. Two pairs have produced chicks on Pitt Island in recent years.

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